Goin’ to Weather

Goin’ to Weather
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Sailing Through a Life of Headwinds
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Sally Bond
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Sally Bond has always tried to live her life by the sailing term goin to weather, denoting a boat captain and crew driving a racing sailboat hard, fast, and efficiently into a headwind. As an outdoor enthusiast, Bond believes that drive and determination, channeled toward worthy goals, are the ingredients of success, even in the face of tough challenges.Bond weaves American history into an engaging, chronological account of her life that begins with her childhood growing up in a little Iowa town in the midst of the Great Depression. As the threat of world war loomed, Bond listened to war news on radio broadcasts, watched newsreels at the movie theater, and dreamed of one day seeing the ocean. But it was not until the 1950s, when her parents decided to move to California, that Bonds dream finally came true. While detailing her coming-of-age journey, eventual marriage, and foray into motherhood, Bond offers a glimpse into the philosophies and morals that have guided her through both successes and tragedies. As she matured into an adventurous outdoorswoman who embraced sailboat racing and triathlons, Bond shares how she learned to apply the principles of sailing to her own life to persevere through many difficulties.
Goin to Weather is the compelling story of one womans journey through life as she strived to achieve her goals, faced adversity, and grew to new heights.

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