Let Me Tell You a Story
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Let Me Tell You a Story

A Collection of Writings
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Charles Keith Hardman
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Forty years after he wrote his first short story, Charles Keith Hardman shares a collection of diverse tales that explore the unknown, question the future, and create chills.
A fledgling musician leaves Lubbock, Texas, not really caring where he is headed. As the Texas red clay dust evaporates behind his car, he only knows one thing: he has to leave. But as he pulls into the deserted parking lot of an icehouse, the man has no idea of what he is about to encounter. When a stranger enters Jamestown, he introduces himself to everyone he meetsbut gives different names and details each time. As a ringmaster parades around a circle in an arena, a crowd goes wild, anxious to witness the unknown. A show of energy is unleashed, and the crowd gasps. They can hardly believe what they see.

Let Me Tell You a Story offers an intriguing compilation of writings that tantalizes the imagination and inspires wonderment at what is truly real in the world and what is not.