Wild About Maine
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Wild About Maine

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Paul Freeman Thibodeau
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Local streams in the Lincoln, Maine, area set the stage for what would become author Paul Freeman Thibodeaus lifelong passion. His father, Paul Francis Thibodeau, taught him the rudiments of fly fishing. Later in life, with increased skills and knowledge, the younger Thibodeau ventured farther afield in Penobscot County in hopes of catching larger salmon, trout, and smallmouth bass.
In Wild about Maine, he shares tales that paint an image of the outdoorsmen, the breathtaking landscape with Mount Katahdin in the background, and the challenges of fishing in the pristine waters of the Penobscot River. This collection of stories includes anecdotes about the interaction between fishermen, the prolific fish, and the areas abundant wildlife. In The Taking of Vinegar Hill, Thibodeau tells of searching for a secret trout pond with an old friend. The Never-Ending Mouse Tale narrates a lighthearted story of sharing ones home with an unwanted furry critter.

Inspiring, educational, and entertaining, Wild about Maine provides a look at modern-day Mainers, the states wild creatures, and the wilderness they share.