Things of the Earth
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Things of the Earth

Book 4 Part-I: Sparrow Wars in the Garden of Bliss: a La Barre Family Saga
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C.A. Portnellus
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Love and marriage for Barton and Elise Barre began in the oilfields of Texas. With Barts innovative drill designs, financial backing from friends, and a hearty appetite for making money, the Barre Oil Drilling and Engineering (BODE) office has now moved to Austin Texas. With his beautiful and talented wife, Elise, Bart feels he is fast gaining his dreamto be a wealthy oil baron.Elise keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine, as a wife, mother and business partner in BODE. This keeps Bart happy and his happiness is hers. Together, they often have times of intense love and a good partnership. As Barts lucky star, Elise helps to build his dream.
During the days which seem wonderful, enters the fateful snake creeping into their idyllic garden of bliss. Perhaps it is the La Barre family curse wreaking havoc with friends, family, and business partners. Barton and Elise are separated for a time which begins the tragedy of the summer of 1950. Each try to gain back that magical momentum they had before everything fell apart.
This is part one of the fourth book of the multi-generational La Barre family saga, Sparrow Wars in the Garden of Bliss.
Readers acclaim for the La Barre Family Saga series:
Prelude to War-[Barton Barre] He is by far the most refreshing character here: unruly, gutsy and disgusted with his family.Kirkus Reviews
Legends of War- The book has drawn me forward with anticipation and reward. A good read. Thank you so much. ReaderJRF, London, England
The Road Home- Charming. Real. Cultured Elise is beautiful and Barton is a rogue and driven obsessively to succeed. He quickly puts his war-time heroics to the side to attain all he desires. Reader S.

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