Therapeutic Misadventures
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Therapeutic Misadventures

A Narrative Memoir
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Martha Schaefer
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In 1978, Martha Schaefer set off on a four-year adventure around the world with her new husband, a rising oilfield executive. As an expatriate corporate wife, Marthas main responsibilities were to find happiness and be supportive of her husbands career. But as the couple traveled and made homes in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, Martha chaffed against traditional roles and began to pursue her own definition of purpose.
In her memoir, Martha chronicles a unique journey through letters, photos, and journal entries that poignantly illustrate her struggles to find happiness amid the demands of her husbands career and the increasing fragility of her marriage. As she details her eagerness to immerse herself in new cultures, nurture her thirst for adventure, and build a professional career, Martha presents a realistic, intimate view into a daily life intertwined with not only episodes of terror and the sorrow of a disintegrating marriage, but also ancient beauty and cultures that taught her to believe in the enduring goodness of humanity and the strength of self.

Therapeutic Misadventures shares the unforgettable story of one womans journey through love, dreams, and delusions as she learns valuable life lessons and uncovers her true identity.

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