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Autor: Donald Rilla
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At age eight, Charlie was the only child born to his parents, Eddie and Marge Williams. A bi-speckled, timid boy, Charlie abhorred competitive sports as his small size was a detriment as more aggressive, larger-size youths just pushed him aside to go after the ball. Charlie, thus, immersed himself in the reading of books, fantasizing about being a hero or scoring the willing goal. Eddie was a large, extremely overweight diabetic who became more depressed after the death of both his parents within a year of one another. He had gained 85 pounds in two years and refused to be tested for diabetes as he already knew the results. Of late, Eddie would awake in the middle of the night to raid the refrigerator and he seemed to be eating every two hours. After work, Eddie would stop at a local bar to have a few drinks before he came home for dinner. Then later, he went back to the bar for a few more, all the while making some excuse to leave Marge at home.
On the other hand, Marge was an emaciated-looking anorexic who, as a teen, had frequent purges to keep her weight down and lost 20% of her body mass. Once diagnosed, some therapy helped as she gained part of her weight back. Marges parents lived in California and as part of the hippy generation grew pot on their 20 acre farm before being busted by the ATF. They both received five years in jail with Marges mother released early to lead a nomadic existence without her husband. Marge had since had no contact with her parents for over 12 years which she welcomed.
Charlie heard his parents arguing again that evening over Eddies desire to hit the bar again, but gave an excuse that he had to shop for new clothes since he gained more weight. Marge didnt believe him and insisted that she accompany her husband. She left Charlie alone saying, Dont answer the phone if it rings and lock all the doors when we leave. Charlie obeyed and welcomed the solitude, preferring to immerse himself in his books. The phone rang three times, but Charlie did not answer it. He heard loud banging on the door saying, This is the police, open the door. Charlie looked out his window to see two police cars with flashing lights on. A neighbor saw the commotion and came to assist. A police woman explained to Charlie that there had been a terrible car accident and both parents had died. It was later determined that there were no brake or skid marks and that Eddie went straight into a bridge abutment after suffering a diabetic coma.
Charlie was placed in the Wilkins foster home by a state Childrens Services social Worker, Mrs. Burns. She accompanied Charlie in the funeral car with Charlies neighbor. There were few mourners and only two cars were in the funeral possession. Two workers with shovels couldnt wait till the funeral car left before they shoveled dirt atop both coffins.
Bill and Sara Wilkins had just been approved as foster parents. He was an insurance executive; Sara was a stay-at-home mom for their two children, Brian, age ten and Samantha, age five. Although readily accepted into their home, Charlie returned to his reading and refused to engage in any competitive sports activities. Charlie was a straight A student, but he remained isolative. One summer, the Wilkins family purchased an above ground, backyard swimming pool. Within days, Charlie was transformed, jumping in the water from the deck, giggling, laughing, and enjoying himself. The kids would play a game of diving for coins thrown into the water and Charlie was the first to retrieve the coins as he would hold his breath and watch for the splash on the surface of the water. He amassed a sizable nest egg at the end of the summer.
Bill asked Charlie if he enjoyed the water and recommended that Charlie join the YMCA for swim lessons. Charlie readily agreed and was pleased. Pretty soon, Charlie was able to swim under water the width of the pool and requested twice a week swimming lessons, which was granted as long as Charlies scho

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Autor: Donald Rilla
ISBN-13 :: 9781479791118
ISBN: 1479791113
Verlag: Xlibris US
Seiten: 118
Sprache: Englisch
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