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Autor: Tori N. Woody
ISBN-13: 9781479789535
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Smiles & Sorrows

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FourteenGrowing up is the thing Im thinking about right now. Not how fast I can grow up, because the truth is Im not going to grow up as fast as I can at this age, Im 14 and its pretty fun just the way it is so Id like to keep it this pace for a little longer because I know the older I get the more responsibilities Ill have and Ill have less people to rely on to do them for me. At my age, I most other kids, when they think about growing u we think wonderful jobs and big houses and the best things possible but at some point an epiphany will hit us all that growing up is going to be tough.
Things will be so different and I imagine that as I go throughout my high school career Ill realize that more and more Im growing up. Whether I realize it when Im getting taller or when family members pass and i realize that the years for all of us are getter closer an closer each day, or that simple question weve been asked since kindergarten: What do you want to be when you grow up? I have wanted to be a million things since kindergarten and they changes every time my passion change, Or my mind gets more mature and I think about being more realistic with my career choice.
Growing up is different for everyone and all of the parts in growing up has its pros and cons. Sometimes I catch myself growing up to fast and I think back on my younger childhood. It seems like so long ago but Im only 14. I have a whole lifetime ahead and for now Im going to enjoy every moment of being exactly what I am right now, 14.
Heres a quote I read that really got me thinking about growing up, its simple but to me, it says dont grow up to fast, youll one day come back to remember your childhood and easier times:

Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. C.S. Lewis, The Worlds Last Night: And Other Essays.

By: Tori N. Woody

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Autor: Tori N. Woody
ISBN-13 :: 9781479789535
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Seiten: 73
Sprache: Englisch
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