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Autor: Rev. Kathlyn Barrett-Layne
ISBN-13: 9781479788590
Einband: Ebook
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Sprache: Englisch
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Challenging Your Disappointments

As Appointments with Destiny
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Challenging Your Disappointments as Appointments With Destiny is a sequel to the book When Your Mess Becomes Your Message and continues to dare the reader to look their negative circumstances and face them head on with confidence that it all works together for good. This book engages the reader to understand how the disappointments in life are actually appointments that must be kept in order to reach their destined place of prosperity, fullness of life, and heritage of richness. Just like any good mountain climber, whose objective it is to get to the top of the mountain, will use the bumps, rocks, and protruding objects from the mountain to help them in that goal to climb to the top, so we must understand our circumstances that occur in our lives that seem may be classified as disappointments, are actually helping us reach our destined opportunities. Cancer can kill, but treatment saves lives. Rape and incest are detrimental but revealing the trauma brings healing and hope. Divorce and breakups bring pain but moving on sets you free. Incarceration, a baby out of wedlock, a gunman gone made, makes us ever more grateful that we have a source of comfort when all else fails us. Death of those you love reminds you to enjoy life to its fullest since its something that will eventually happen to us all. When we find the strength to face our worst fears, we will in that same moment find the courage to move on and Challenging Your Disappointments as Appointments With Destiny gives its readers the courage needed to make it through every disappointment that must be faced reminding us that with every disappointment is an appointment with our destiny.

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Autor: Rev. Kathlyn Barrett-Layne
ISBN-13 :: 9781479788590
ISBN: 1479788597
Verlag: Xlibris US
Seiten: 88
Sprache: Englisch
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