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More Stories from Around the World

Multicultural Children's Stories
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Nancy Garfield Woodbridge
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Moonbeam Flowers - In this story Marisol comes to New York City from Puerto Rico to stay with heraunt Belisa and her cousin Rosa because her mother is ill. She goes to school with Rosa, but misses
her family and her two brothers and her home terribly. As she plans to get ready for the Classroom
Christmas Carnival in New York, her dreams are dashed by some nasty classmates who destroy what
she had planned for the carnival. Her teacher, Ms. Lopez steps in to end this attack on Marisol and
her cousin Rosa and gives Marisol a proper farewell party for her return to Puerto Rico.
The Magic Paintbrush - A very poor painter seeks help from his art school friends who live in
Mexico City. He ventures forth from his village in desperation because he cannot sell his paintings
and wishes to fi nd help for himself and his family. He cannot get the help he needs from his former
friends, but on his way home he fi nds a magic paintbrush and is miraculously saved from poverty.
The Honey Hunt - In this story Gideon and Peter have learned to capture honeycombs in the forest
in Kenya, East Africa. They have learned how to outwit the bees who lead them to their hives and
the honey. On this trip, Peter gets hurt and they are forced to spend the night in the forest before
they can return home.