This Gun’S for Hire

This Gun’S for Hire
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A Look Inside the Mind of a Street Cop
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Terrence Howard
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If youve ever wanted to get inside the mind of a police officer, then this candid book written by a former Chicago cop will take you there.
Terrence Howard, who retired from the force after twenty-four years, recalls an adventurous career that includes the good, bad, and ugly sides of law enforcement. Whether you are considering becoming a police officer or just curious about how they think, Howard offers answers.

This Guns for Hire identifies the three models of police officers; examines the forty golden rules of police survival; and provides advice on how to work with police so you can steer clear of trouble.

When encountering a police officer, its important to know the difference between the laws of the courts and the laws of the streets. Figure out how police officers really think, and take the necessary steps to ensure a more positive experience the next time you meet one.

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