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Autor: Mike Bellino
ISBN-13: 9781467864510
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Fun Food Facts

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Why do we knead bread?What is the connection between cheese and the Milky Way overhead?
What can I do if I need buttermilk but dont have any on hand?
Can potatoes be poisonous?
Which American city was named for the onion?

The answer to these and hundreds of additional questions are found in the pages of the book, Fun Food Facts. Every page of this book will fascinate you with trivia and food facts that will inform and educate.

Fun Food Facts is a book that grew out of Mike's love of cooking and food. Having read many books on the subject, he began keeping notes of interesting food facts. He started sharing these notes with friends and co-workers and received an enthusiastic response and requests for more. As the facts began to pile up, Mike decided to make an effort to publish them -- The result of this effort rests in your hands.

Fun Food Facts: A book for people who eat!

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Autor: Mike Bellino
ISBN-13 :: 9781467864510
ISBN: 146786451X
Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 1
Sprache: Englisch
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