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Autor: Sandra Mendyk
ISBN-13: 9781467857116
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Sprache: Englisch
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Miss M.’S Storybook

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Have you ever done something you later were embarrassed about, like hiding under a highway in ankle-high water at two oclock in the morning? Or getting locked in Paris, Frances Notre Dame Cathedral bell tower?
Would you tell anyone about your family and friends, especially a brother who loved pulling pranks like throwing lit matches from a cinema balcony?
Did you ever try to undertake something fun that no one would ever expect you to do like flying an airplane although you get airsick?
Have you ever encountered a ghost, met a reincarnated spider, or accompanied the FBI to look for a bomb?
How would you feel if you took your nephew to England at the invitation of the Prince of Wales and got embarrassed when he said something out loudloud enough that you wanted to crawl under the closest chair?
Do you feel brave or anxious enough to read some of these experiences (mostly funny)the same stories that many junior high school students enjoyed for years?
Many people have approached Miss M. and asked how she had so many adventures and accomplished so much.
Miss M. has taught seventh grade for twenty-two years. Many times the school day had some leftover time. This was the perfect time for one of Miss M.s storiesstories that were told over and over again to keep students riveted to the teacher in front of the room. She never repeated the same story twice to the same class.
And all these stories are true!
This book has many of these stories. Many stories are classified as comedy, serious, and some may be downright scary! Many also have a moral. This paperback book can be taken on the bus, on trips, and even, read in the bathroom!
Characters in the book have initials in order to save some people embarrassment. The family members know who they are!
All Miss M. has to say now after compiling all her real-life stories for others to read and share is Enjoy! as all her former students did. And if anyone doesnt enjoy the book, well, theres always that bathroom!

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Autor: Sandra Mendyk
ISBN-13 :: 9781467857116
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Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 1
Sprache: Englisch
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