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Autor: Pastor Vera J. Ferguson
ISBN-13: 9781467852241
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Pearls of Wisdom

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Pearls of Wisdom
The book Pearls of Wisdom came about because of the dream I had of starting a Bible Study in the little country church my husband Dennis and I pastor in Nebraska, Indiana. Each week I would come up with the pearl and ask the Holy Spirit what He wanted me to tell the people. I wanted something that they could reflect on for the entire week. My sole intention was to keep them uplifted and edified. I wanted to gently guide and direct them the way they should go.

The book is to be a practical application to lifes battles and challenges. It was to encourage them and make them understand they were not alone but God was there all the way with them. And though they may have fallen into sin and temptation, if they repented then His love was unconditional. I wanted them to know they were not the only ones going through the challenges life brought about, but how they handled those difficulties made the world of difference.

The book is a collection of what I shared with our Bible Study. Now instead of just sharing with a handful of people, I desire to touch the lives of all those who will receive them. Read and reread them and let them make a world of difference in your life. Open your spirit up to what the Holy Spirit has to say to you.
God Bless You,

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Autor: Pastor Vera J. Ferguson
ISBN-13 :: 9781467852241
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Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 1
Sprache: Englisch
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