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Autor: G.E. Miller
ISBN-13: 9781467848633
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The Cataclysm Scroll

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The Internet firearm forums and blogs are passionatelydiscussing the action scenes depicted in the first novel of the series, and are anxiously awaiting this book's release which brings closure to
some of the questions left unanswered. Target shooters, retired military veterans and arm-chair
generals all over the world have enjoyed the author's method of blending good
'ole boys vs terrorists, sniper vs counter-sniper and patriotic
Americans helping citizens who have become victims because they were
not prepared for the hard challenges facing the Nation when its enemies
bring the fight to American soil.The Cataclysm Scroll - Continues the storyline
launched in the first book of the New Madrid Trilogy called "A Matter of Timing", but delves into exploring regions
traditional science doesn't understand energy cause & effect, the
subconscious mind, and dream states as a Sioux Shaman enters to assist
one of the heroines in bringing resolution to the chaos and mayhem
spawned in the killer earthquake's aftermath. Can the Shaman quell impending
doom in a physical realm by using metaphysical and spiritual
techniques? Will an associate professor from the University of Illinois
be successful in her attempts to right a wrong in order to save Earth
from annihilation? Will assassins hired by America's enemies eliminate
our heroes? Find out in this exciting sequel to the first book in the series. Visit for additional sneak previews of all three novels, purchase links and reader reviews. You can even chat with the author on the web site if he is online... Stop by and say HELLO!

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Autor: G.E. Miller
ISBN-13 :: 9781467848633
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