'The Gospel According to the Lamb's Bride'
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'The Gospel According to the Lamb's Bride'

Experience the Passion of Christ Jesus, in Your Midst
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Barbara Ann Mary Mack
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"The Gospel According To The Lamb's Bride" consists of the compilation of ten books, written by the author within the past five years. The author refers to this book as a "Bible," because it consists of a spiritual dialogue between the author and Almighty God. "The Gospel According To The Lamb's Bride," consists of prophetic utterancesthat were conveyed to the author, by God.Barbara speaking to Jesus, the Lamb of God

My Lord, I thank You, for allowing your bride (Barbara) the opportunity to share in the agony that You experienced, when You walked among Your children.

O Holy Spouse of mine, you have graced me with the privilege to share in the agony, that comes with being the wife of the wounded Lamb of God.

You have blessed me with divine strength, so that I will endure the suffering that accompanies my mission of Love.

O gracious spouse of mine, shine on your chosen bride, so that I will have the strength to withstand the agony, that follows me to my destination with you.

God, the father, speaking of his brides (Barbara) exit from heaven

5. Let the Gates of Heaven open wide as you exit, My daughter.
Let the Heavens sound its trumpets as you exit, My love.
Let the doors to Paradise open wide as you exit,