Critical Success
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Critical Success

The 2 Rules of 3
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D Brown
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What Is Critical Success?
Success, we all want it. We all need it. We dont take the time to quantify it, or truly figure out what it is. All we know is, we see other people living champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Were bombarded by images of fast cars, gorgeous men and women, mansions, and vacations in exotic locales. We see this, and we want it too. Better yet, we feel were entitled to it.
We know what we see. We know what we feel. We know what we think we want, success. I must stress the word think, because most people dont really know what success is, let alone what success is in terms of who they are as people, as individuals.
What is Critical Success? CRITICAL SUCCESS is the planned achievement of something urgent and essential, utilizing skillful planning and judgment for the express purpose of attaining personal prosperity.