The Right Wing Mexican - the Chronicles of Minutemando
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The Right Wing Mexican - the Chronicles of Minutemando

Featuring the Cabrone's Family
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Payan-Sedano-Hollywood's Inland Empire
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Written by: Americans, American/Mexicans and People who know Americans, Mexicans and Mexican Americans
AKA: Chicanos, Coconuts, Hispanics, Democrats, Right Wing Mexicans, Conservative Mexicans, Mexican Republicans, Uncle Thomas

The book that nobody wants you to read.
Laugh your way through the end of this book, but dont cry your way through the rest of your life for taking words too serious! Have fun PENDEJO and laugh at yourself and others! Guns and knives may tear up your insides, but words should never take you out VATO!!!
Hay tu, the information in this book is purely mean, nasty and inconsiderate, but its the truth HOMBRE! Howeber, read it intoxicated and with your intoxicated friends. Rememer, NO drinking and dribing, cabronesyour ass will get send back. And your family is tired of spending money and time sneaking your coolo back! Heres the book youve been waiting for, all your lifes! Well, maybe thats too mush! You probably dont even gib a sheet. If you do, sit back read, you probably wont learn anything, but you might laugh AAYY! All we know is we liketed our poor ass lives as a child, good or bad, and we had a good time writing this book.?One thing to remember before reading this prize winning literary work:

Reading this book might be dangerous to your sense of humorWe know, we wrote it.