Just an Accident
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Just an Accident

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Amy Montgomery
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There was no blood at the scene, not even a cut on his body. Yet on May 25, 1999, when the top of a massive beech tree snapped off and slammed into 33-year-old, Adirondack logger Scott Remington, his bones exploded. The terrain was unforgiving and the area too remote for cell phones. So the fact that medics reached him is a miracle. So is the aftermath of a freak accident that felt like death to a woodsman who could never sit still. More than the story of one man, this is also about a small town that rescued Scott from despair, and, by accident, discovered the meaning of life. In this well written and extremely compelling book, Amy Montgomery draws us into the essence of living with a spinal cord injury through Scott Remingtons moving story. Her portrayal of his struggle to survive and live a meaningful life makes us care as much as the members of his family. In an instant both Scott and I became members of a club that neither of us would ever have wanted to join. But instead of self pity, Scott has demonstrated relentless energy, drive, and willpower that no disability can diminish. Montgomery has captured not only the drama of an accidental tragedy but the power of the human spirit to overcome it. Christopher Reeve Amy donates 10% of her $9.38 per-book royalties to the Christopher Reeve Foundation.