From Windows, City Streets
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From Windows, City Streets

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Joan M. Steele
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There are those of us like myself who are impatient, who cannot wait to find out what happens. We skim, we skip with the long three hundred plus novel pages. We can't stay up all night! For us the Short Story is ideal. It tells us all immediately--the novel in capsule! We can read it anywhere, anytime in just a few minutes. From Windows, City Streets contains ten short stories right from the heart of life. Much is packed into a few pages. These are intense, emotional stories. Each: man, woman, child looms distinct, separate, catastrophe struck in their prevailing situations. Caught in the jaws of life: a lost boy from a plane wreck, a bride who believes her husband-to-be love another, a suffering mother at the murder of her toddler, a man providentially saved from a fatal motor-cycle accident, a teenager who cannot win a fight.