Sorry! There Is No Afterlife! None Goes to Heaven or Hell!
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Sorry! There Is No Afterlife! None Goes to Heaven or Hell!

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Mike M. Joseph
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All religions believe in an afterlife existence immediately after death. All believe in the immortality of the soul. Some believe in reincarnation. Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe that good people will go to Heaven, evil ones will go to Hell. Many devout Jews pray to their Saints in Heaven. Catholics pray to their Saints, especially to Mary -- The Queen of Heaven. Protestants pray to their loved ones in Heaven. Devout Muslims believe that their Prophet Muhammad ascended up to Heaven from Jerusalem. They regard this city as the third holiest place to Islam. As a consequence, much of the Jew/Arab conflict centers over the holiness of the City to both Jews and Muslims -- and the alleged Temple Mount true location. Fanatic Muslim terrorists believe the road to Paradise as Shahids, immediately after death, must be paved over the body parts of their indiscriminate victims.
According to Irans president, Ahmadinejad, the purpose of the revolution and nuclear Iran is to prepare for the imminent return of the Mahdi, the twelfth Imam. Hence Israel must be destroyed, the West must be subjugated, and the rest of the world must submit to the coming Mahdis reign of peace on earth.

If the belief in an afterlife -- immediately after death -- is true, then both the Bible and the Quran should fully confirm it in plain words. But what if they, instead, contradict it?
What if God, Jesus, and Muhammad are not the source of this doctrine? What if the doctrine of an afterlife immediately after death is a hoax? What if man has no immortal soul?

In the pages of this book, the unbiased reader will discover the real story about the afterlife, the true destiny of humanity, the true location of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and its link to the afterlife.