Loving the Gringo
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Loving the Gringo

A Bicultural Life
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Maria Haendel Koonce
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LOVING THE GRINGO, A BICULTURAL LIFE describes a special, long and loving relationship, through real life anecdotes. The first time I laid eyes on my Gringo, he was doing the "twist," and I learned about the US "native" dance of the times. He resisted embracing my love for the opera, but did become enamored of our language, our way of life, and our food! Light, funny, and unexpected, these stories morror the lives and adventures of husbands, wives, parents, children, grandparents, friends and colleagues, as they cope with multicultural challenges. LOVING THE GRINGO affords the American reader a charming view of one couple's unique marriage, here in the States and in the Republic of Uruguay. The reader is continually captivated by the progression of their lives and their varied experiences. It is a "must read" for all ages, giving one a feeling of "I am so glad I read that!" Upon finishing the last paragraph the words of the eldest granddaughter, at five, echo in my ears: "I love their life!" Arch Manning, Retired Educator and another Gringo husband.
LOVING THE GRINGO can also provide a unique resource for educators of multicultural studies. The acquisition of Spanish by my Gringo, makes a perfect case for the communicative approach. An additional resource is a short skit about a visit by some Gringa girls to Uruguay, and their experiences through the Christmas holiday celebrations.
As an ESOL practitioner, I have spent hours looking for reading materials dealing with American cultural confusions. Many books I have perused have been the "multicultural" reader type with stories about Eskimos, Native Americans, Chinese, or stories about famous Americans. ESOL students want to read stories that give them insights into the American culture they have to deal with. Patricia Peabody, Retired Adult ESOL Instructor.