Out of the Miry Clay
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Out of the Miry Clay

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Nelson Carl Stigger
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Out of the Miry Clay is a compelling testimony of the everlasting love God has for His children, and the awesome power He has to transform our lives in this touching memoir. It becomes quickly apparent that God was always with Rev. Stigger, from the moment he came close to suicide at age 18, to narrowly escaping capture as a wounded soldier in Vietnam. With His unyielding grace, God took Rev. Stiggerout of the miry clay of drug use, alcoholism, pimping, and broken marriages, then molded him into an apostle of God with the relevant experience needed to save souls and build churches, not with bricks and mortar, but the church that is within-the spirit church. With engaging detail, clear prose and a remarkable sense of humor, Rev. Stigger uses his own fascinating experiences to demonstrate that only God, through the saving grace of Christ, can offer us true, unconditional love.
Be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride as Rev. Stigger looks back on his life with hard earned wisdom. Youll definitely find yourself laughing, crying, shaking your head in disbelief, and finally, rejoicing as you read these pages. Enjoy the journey!

Brandon A. Perry Associate Editor, Indianapolis Recorder