One Hundred Reasons Why Born Again Believers Cannot Lose Their Salvation
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One Hundred Reasons Why Born Again Believers Cannot Lose Their Salvation

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James H. Warden Jr.
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Many who believe you cannot lose your eternal salvation cannot defend this good news by Scriptures when challenged with questions such as What about the Scripture that states your name can be blotted out of the book of life or Jesus will spew the lukewarm out of His mouth? What about enduring unto the end to be saved? What about the analogy of the washed swine, isnt that a believer losinghis salvation? Or what about the Scripture that states if a righteous man turns from his righteousness and starts sinning his righteousness will be forgotten? Or the list of sins Paul gavestating they that do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven? What if a believer commits suicide, the Bible states that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him. What if a Christian blasphemes the Holy Ghost, there's no forgiveness for this sin. This book answers all theseseemingly tough questions by the Scriptures. If you could lose your salvation, what are you doing that is causing you to keep it? Until the Lord brings you tothe end of yourself and shows you Hisgrace, you will be suspicious of the gospel and believe that it issustained byyour good works. This book to show believers that God's promise of eternal redemption,eternal salvation, andeternal life can be trusted. This book gives classic illustrations based on Scripture that answer seeming contradictions with ease. Can born again believers lose their eternal salvation, eternal redemption, or eternal life? No, but Nevertheless what saith the Scriptures? Have You Heard the Good News? Read Over One Hundred Reasons Why Born Again Believers Cannot Lose Their Salvation. Read online at