The Fall of the House of Spade
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The Fall of the House of Spade

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Kenneth Tucker
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In 1913, several brutal murders occurred in the small town of Canton, Kentucky. Quentin Spade, the scion of a wealthy familyintellectual, respected. artistic, reserved,was accused of being a psychotic killerbut was he? In the early Twenty-First Century, Tiffany Gray, a college student, becomes obsessed with the century old murders and attempts to discover what really happened. The Fall of the House of Spade is a fast-paced novel which moves back and forth from past to present. It presents a story of greed, hatred, political treachery, vengeance, violence, and love, set against the decline of Canton as a center of riverboat trade and wealth.
"Kenneth Tucker has woven a haunting story whose characters linger beyond a final page of history or text."

Katherine C. Kurk, Kentucky Philological Review

"Tucker tells a fascinating story of these evil doers... It's an interesting part of our history..."

Jesse Stuart Foundation.

"Tucker effectively uses dialogue and and clear, graphic details to bring to light a sad chapter in Kentucky's history."

Steve FlairtyKentucky Monthly