A Child of God...Listens!
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A Child of God...Listens!

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Wanda A Eastham
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Would you like to hear Almighty God speak to you? Well, this is what this book is all about. You will hear the tender, instructional, joyful, voice of your creator in your inner spirit as you read and ponder these words.

Through the words spoken to me you will hear him affirming, comforting, and embracing you. Its you He wishes to Love.

He will show you how to listen to His Voice for yourself. Listen! Feel His Peace! Learn to Trust in that still small voice within you. Absorb His Presence! Then take a piece of paper and write. Write His words to you.

Then you will be able to say to me what the Samaritan people said to the woman at the well, No longer does our faith depend on your story. We have heard for ourselves, and we know that this really is the Savior of the world. (John 4:42)

Open and read. Believe and receive.