How Big Is the Fly?
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How Big Is the Fly?

Asking the Right Questions
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Bonnie Jean Smith
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Autism and unwelcoming behavior : If you are the teacher and a student refuses to follow your instructions, would you stop to ask questions or would you judge the behavior to be disobedient and deserving of punishment? If you are the parent or guardian receiving frequent calls about your childs misbehaviors and destruction of school property, how would you respond? What if your child misses school regularly and truancy becomes an issue? Author Bonnie Jean Smith faces these and other challenges with determination in a straight forward, creative, and radically different approach. Her platform is inclusion and natural supports. She resists segregation, isolation, criminal action, and labels.Throughout the book, the author encourages individuals to become contributing members of society by using their unique needs, strengths, and talents. Read how a student gets a summer job by learning about the natural consequences of his choices rather than shaming or reprimanding him for his bad habit.By observation and asking the right questions, the authors awareness of how individuals perceive the world around them is changed and the reasons for unusual and unwanted behaviors are uncovered. Realizing that behavior is a form of communication, Bonnie Jean learns to decode the hidden messages of undesirable behaviors and is successful in turning them into more acceptable actions. Read how a school suspension meant to eliminate negative behavior actually encouraged a student to repeat it. How Big Is the Fly? will challenge you to think before judging behaviors good or bad, right or wrong, as well as to investigate and take time to ask questions before drawing conclusions.