Prayers of the Innocent
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Prayers of the Innocent

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Cynthia Weaks
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An intriguing and suspense-filled novel, Prayers of the Innocent is based on a true story of fraud and exploitation. The crimes occurred at historically black colleges in the south. The story follows a young college student who unwittingly is caught-up in bank fraud that leads to racketeering, sexual exploitation and theft. She only wanted a job to earn extra money. She did not consider the consequences she would have to pay to get it. Prayers of the Innocent is a story of fear, compassion and a need to protect. It is a story you will not forget. "Factually correct, accurate depiction of events leading to the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator of these crimes. Thank you for your time in helping inform others of the downfalls that can arise by associating with 'con-men'."
--Don Keller, Sgt., Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Department
"A measuring stick or barometer for all students - female or male - to use when it comes to fraud."
--Robert Bennett, Student Affairs Director, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.
--"It is not often that real-life is like an intense crime drama, but that's exactly what you'll find in Prayers of the Innocent. True Innocence meets true Evil between its covers, and a mother's heart follows it all."
--King Hoover, Host/Books in Review, CCTV CH-31, Fort Worth, TX
"A story every parent, student, college and university staff member should read; a real page-turner. Ms. Weaks has done us a favor by revealing such a deceptive act."
--Margaret Burroughs, Author, Life Lessons for the Christian Journey
"I could not put it down. A very interesting story, Cynthia did a wonderful job telling the story in such a vivid manner. This should be a great seller."
--Valarie Hatcher, Manager, Visions Bookstore @ The Vessel & the Sista 2 Sista Bookclub