The Love for a Dying Woman with Lupus
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The Love for a Dying Woman with Lupus

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Odell K. Miller Sr.
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This book was written in tribute to a great woman who developed a disease called lupus. Having this illness caused her to give up her career as a registered nurse and to submit to lupus.Alice's desire to live came from her faith in God. She knew that God has the power to heal. At times Alice would get angry over her illness and cry out to God, saying, "Why me?" Some people say we should not question God or ask why. It has been said that we should ask God for what we want and wait for the answer. As this lady of great faith held to God's unchanging hands and the doctors were doing all they could, she began to motivate herself to live on. She developed a purpose for living. She had developed lupus in the year of 1972. At that time, they did not know much about the disease called lupus. Being her husband and caretaker, I began to try to understand. I was having emotional difficulty dealing with the thought that there was no cure and that my loved one was going to die. It seemed very unfair. My faith and our faith combined together, and our love for one another was our strength and our key to our endurance. When you are doing all you can, the best medicine is just a little tender loving care. I was proud to be her husband through sickness and in health. This story is about my love for a dying woman with lupus.