Deliverance and Healing for All
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Deliverance and Healing for All

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Dr. Bruno Caporrimo
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This book will set free anyone who has been hindered by the pressure and the stress and the deception of satan who has kept them in bondage through life. This book describes the tenets of the inner healing ministries in a very readable outline format. It can be read by itself or as a companion study-guide. It is highly recommended for the bible study group, classroom or cell group. Its topics include:
- Creation, the fall and Gods solution
- Revealing and exposing sin for what it is
- Some of the deceptions affecting the church today
- Wrong core beliefs exposed
- Power holding the person in bondage
- Bringing Gods heart to the fearful
- Possible reasons why people are not healed
- Learn how to pray and break links with previous generations
- How to be delivered, healed and stay healed
- How to restore others step by step in Divine inner healing
- Experience Gods Word coming alive in your life
- How to walk victoriously in the fullness of life

Revealing your problem and finding the answer; Deliverance and Healing For All!!