Unlike Almost Everything Else in the Universe
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Unlike Almost Everything Else in the Universe

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Howard Seeman
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Have you ever felt so busy that you hardly hear the ocean? Like you are mainly postpone? That your life is just DoingMyLaundry? That you are a place that nobody no longer visits? Then read these poems and feel this restorative call: Come on, come on, the grand parade is passing right outside your door.
The italicized are just some of the lines from this book of poetry that awaken us to our awesome privilege of being alive, unlike almost everything else in the universe, as we are
lit up for such a short time.
Unfortunately, we may only have these realizations at a funeral, or when we stand on the beach alone at night looking at the stars. But with this book magically come these precious birds into our hands, these poems: intimate creations, smoldering, precious awakenings.
We can feel a compass in these formed words, Howard Seeman’s poetry.
Simply keep this wonderful book of poetry near you when you cannot get to the ocean.
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