The Playground
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The Playground

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R.A. Feller
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This book, The Playground, is actually a childrens story. When I saw there was a need to explain to my fourteen year old daughter, spiritual principles in the simplest of ways, I referred her to the elements found within a playground. I thought it would be the easiest way for her to retain information if she drew an analogy from each element of play and it worked.
Here I use spiritual applications of the slide, a swing, a see saw, some monkey bars, a sand box, a round a bout, a barrel, and finally a balance beam to illustrate metaphysically spiritual terms in the simplest of manners.
Realizing myself how effective this is as a teaching tool, on how we relate to God, I also wanted to share this with my readers.
Socialization, parental guidance, and leadership are some more of the topics addressed, along with more wonderfully crafted poems to strengthen ones faith.