Tales of the Komets
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Tales of the Komets

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Blake Sebring
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Over 55 seasons, the Fort Wayne Komets have been one of the greatest franchises in North American minor league sports. Throughout their existence, they have experienced uncounted unique stories dealing with players, teams, fans and other characters, such as:* The coach who said winning was better than sex* The fan favorite who was traded for two dryers* The player who rode his horse to practice* The player who earned more than $1 million in the minors* The equipment manager who saved the season* The player who wrote a poem to the fans* The best friends who fought each other* The reason Wayne Gretzky came to wear No. 99* The player who got a kiss during a game* The final fate of Brett Hulls Stanley Cup puck* The Tom Petty song that helped in a championship* The opposing team that needed an exorcismThese stories and many more are inside ``Tales of the Komets.