Through the Storm
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Through the Storm

The Triumphant Story of History's 1St African-American Diabetic Ironman Triathlete
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Aaron G. Perry
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Through The Storm is the triumphant story of historiesfirst African-American insulin dependentdiabetic Ironman Triathlete.
It is a true and inspiring saga of a man who wants more than anything in life to earn the title of Ironman Triathlete. At age 42, Milwaukee native Aaron G. Perry, a 15-year insulin dependent diabetic has finally made the commitment to begin training for what would certainly be the most difficult test of physical and mental strength and endurance that he has ever encountered. But before he can make history, he must first overcome numerous barriers and face many suppressed fears while staring hatred in the eyes.

Through The Storm shows us all how to triumph when our very foundation is rocked. Told through the lens of his eyes, Perry will inspire everyone to get up and simply (tri).