I Love My Sperm
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I Love My Sperm

A Guide for the Care and Protection of Females and Children
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Kathy Snyder
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Males are the magnificent gateway through which the animating quality of human life exists. Sperm is alive and living in males. To responsibly care for potential human life, males must accept their role as the protectors and carriers of intelligent life. Males who define sperm, the tiniest part of human existence, as vital will actually inspire the future-developing world. Therefore,the waysperm is defined can awaken us to the promise that human existence offers.By valuing sperm as potential human life with purpose, males will be empowered with the knowledge that they have offspring of value to protect. They will choose to be partners in child rearing assisting in the creation of environments that foster the care, growth, development, and safety of children.What's at stakesis a childs future and the future design of the world. Moreover males who protect life will allow innovative personalities to come forth with the potential for unfathomable discoveries that are dormant in our children. Males will know that the future can provide greatness and that their offspring hold the key. They must also know that they are being called to child responsibility in a way that only they can respond.
The purpose of this book is to promote the careful nurturing and guidance of our children. They are the unfortunate sufferers of our insensitive labels, definitions, and subsequent abuse. When we define every aspect of human existence, including sperm, with honor and respect, the insanity that leads to missing, murdered, and exploited children will be replaced with wisdom. Males are the protector of human life and can do so before conception. The creation of environments that promote innate gifts and talents are both parents duty.