The United Utopian States of America
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The United Utopian States of America

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Dave Sampson
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The United Utopian States of America is a politically inspired book that points out numerous things that liberals in power are doing to compromise the safety, independence, and well being of our country. It depicts a nation that the liberals are working so hard to achieve. It then destroys the concepts and logic the liberals use in an attempt to further their push towards a perfect world.
The author uses humor, sarcasm, and more common sense than can be found in the entire Democratic Party, to entertain as well as alert Americans of the danger posed by the liberal agenda.

If America wishes to continue to thrive as a world leader, Americans need to become more aware of the things being done internally in our country that jeopardize that possibility. By banning drilling on domestic soil, liberals insure our dependence on foreign nations. By forcing our soldiers to fight sensitive battles liberals deny them the ability to win wars. By removing Christianity from all aspects of American society, liberals insure eventual chaos and the moral breakdown of our country. By excusing bad behavior by pointing to worse behavior, liberals prove they are unfit leaders and miserably unable to keep our nation strong, respected and admired.

This book is a great way to look at what the left considers utopia and at the same time shows us exactly why the perfect world will be forever unattainable. It also points out how dangerous it would be to allow the left to implement its plan to create an American utopia.

When a liberal makes demands hes actually selling you something you really dont want. When he tells you something, its a pretty good bet your getting less than half the truth on any given matter. Its not a good idea to trust liberals with the security of our nation and its an even worse idea to ignore their efforts to further their agenda. By ignoring their ridiculous claims and ideas, weve allowed liberals to get a foothold and with that theyve been able to gain ground. In fact, if we dont put and end to their foolishness soon this land wont be ours anymore. It will be theirs.

Please enjoy The United Utopian States of America, and please be aware of the harm directed at our nation by liberals in the modern Democratic Party. Tell your friends and family to vote and to vote Right if you wish to continue enjoying freedom and prosperity here in America.