Preying on the Blessings of Praying
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Preying on the Blessings of Praying

Soaring to New Heights on Wings of Prayer
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Judith A. Forbes
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PREYING ON THE BLESSINGS OF PRAYING is a compilation of prayers and thoughts that will uplift the soul and add purpose to your life. Its thoughts are laced with rich blessings of consolations and reassurances, that gives you the lift to go through another challenging day.What is beautiful about this book is that it has no age barrier and is ideal for busy people--students or the employed--who wants to find that little spiritual snack to take care of the hunger pangs of finding a closer relationship with the Lord. It fills, it suffices and it satisfies. Furthermore, with every book you purchase, you would have contributed to the Cedar Grove education fund to assist needy students. Thank you for your benevolence.Who knows, the life you save today, may be the one to save your life tomorrow.