A Guide to Achieving New Heights: the Four Pillars of Successful Nonprofit Leadership
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A Guide to Achieving New Heights: the Four Pillars of Successful Nonprofit Leadership

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Dennis C. Miller
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"Anybody who manages or sits on the board of a nonprofit organization will find great insight in this book on the four pillars of leadership. "
John McIlquham, President, NPT Publishing Group, Inc.

Does your nonprofit organization suffer from a non-profit mentality? Are you too preoccupied with daily challenges to focus on your mission, build your vision, nurture relationships with constituents, and last but not least create a positive operating margin?
Dennis C. Miller has solutions for nonprofit organizations that know they must up their game in a world where they are competing with profit-driven institutions for limited talent and resources. Miller brings the nonprofit sector squarely into the 21st century and points the way forward, showing those who run or work for nonprofits:
Why much more emphasis should be placed on training and on rewarding high performing employees.

How all nonprofits must periodically reevaluate their mission to see if it is ambitious enough or perhaps too ambitious.
Why measuring and then communicating success can enhance fundraising.
How establishing your brand is as crucial for nonprofits as it is for the Fortune 500.

Why you must think of your organization as if it had a stock price that can rise or fall.
Often, people dont realize the potential for taking their nonprofit organization to new heights. But by the end of reading Millers guide they will learn to soar. They will be able to create a more positive image and a greater demand for their services, have more people wanting to become employees, board members and volunteers, achieve recognition for excellence in their field, and see an increase in donors and dollars.