The San Diego Poetry Annual 2006
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The San Diego Poetry Annual 2006

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This inaugural edition of The San Diego Poetry Annual features 101 poems written in 2006 by poets who live,study, work or who were born or raised in San Diego County. Our aim in publishing the best poems we can find each year is to celebrate the rich diversity of talent found throughout our region. We looked for poems from all walks of life and on every subject. There were no restrictions, no taboos.
Featured poets, listed in bold face in the Table of Contents, anchor this effort and include some of our finest writers -- Steve Kowit, Sam Hamod, Megan Webster, California poet laureate Al Young and others but it is the combined force of all the other poets that powers this book, mirroring both the eclectic nature of the San Diego poetry scene and its impressive collective energy.
Copies of The San Diego Poetry Annual 2006 are being donated in the name of the contributing poets to every public library in the county, and to reference libraries throughout the state.