The Morning of Your Wedding
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The Morning of Your Wedding

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Gretchen Maurer
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Why an entire book dedicated to the morning of the wedding? Because every bride has one and no one has written about it! Why? Because, no other vendor is present that early in the morning to tell you! This is not a hair and make-up book, it is about what I, as the hair and make-up artist, have witnessed at hundreds of wedding mornings at various locations over 25 years! Wedding mornings are as varied as the bride. Some brides are getting married at home, some wedding mornings occur at a hotels, resorts or quaint Inns. But keep this in mind; each location and every wedding morning of has its own set of challenges. Sure, I could control hair and make-up services, but many other situations were simply out of my control in creating a great morning of experience. Time management, food issues, guest mishaps, bridesmaid meltdowns, dressing dilemmas, pet interruptions, relational dismay, fostered this very needed and exclusive book, The Morning Of Your Wedding.
I thought, why are so many mornings, so chaotic? As I researched to see what has been written about the morning of, most books only dedicated a small insignificant paragraph if they mentioned that time period at all! Depending on the time the wedding begins and how many are involved, that morning of is anywhere from two to seven hours long!
Allow me to share. Allow me to educate, so you can make some important decisions for your wedding morning of! Have a beautiful and joyful wedding day!