The Silent Cry of a P.K./L.K. (Preacher's & Leader's Kid)
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The Silent Cry of a P.K./L.K. (Preacher's & Leader's Kid)

Was It I Who Made You Cry?
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Gladys Henderson-Williams
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Every day, all over the world from the United States to Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we experience an interesting phenomenon. People of all cultures, races, ages and stages of life have children. Children with an array of eye color. Children with varied hair color. Children who are short in stature, and those who are toall. Children who are scale tippers; and those who barely register any weight at all. All a wonderful mystery until they travel from the womb into the world, and then onto stages of life. But what if people could choose the family which they are birthed into. Like we choose who to marry, where to live or work, and even when to accept Chirst. Most choices we make have exit strategies in the event it doesnt work as planned. Why not a family?