Uncle Tom's Hanging Tree
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Uncle Tom's Hanging Tree

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Herman P. Wiggins Jr.
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From the jungles of Vietnam to the asphalt jungles in the streets of San Diego
to the dark - walled - jungle of prison.

The saga continues:
Detective Herman Wiggins .. SDPD .. badge #681
is now
Inmate Herman Wiggins .. CCS .. prison control # 1281

Hermans naive boy scout approach to life rendered him a ghastly awakening. Unlike the jungles of Vietnam where the enemy never smiles, he did not survive the glimmer of white-teeth, corruption, and pretense he faced in the on the streets of San Diego.

Faced with an all new set of challenges in prison, where our hero has arrested (at one time or another) 87% of the population, and is still dodging bricks from the streets.

The powers-to-be, (of yesterday) were not sleeping, forgetting, nor forgiving. But for now Inmate #1281 had to focus on the daily task of surviving in prison, one day at a time. Life expectancy of an ex-cop in prison 72-hours.

From the author of AND THEY CALLED ME UNCLE TOM, Herman, a dyslexic, writes in a style and a form that allows the eyes of the dyslexic reader to flow smoothly across the printed pages.