How Shall This Be?
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How Shall This Be?

Finding God in Unfamiliar Places
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John Allen Davis
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When bad things happen to bad people no one is surprised. When very bad things, undeserved and indefensible things, happen to very good people everyone wonders why. After more than two decades of faithful service, with every measure of success in hand, Rev. R. M. Runyon watches helplessly as the course of his life takes a dramatic turn. He appeals fervently to the God he has loved and served with such devotion, only to find that this time there is no intervention, no band of angels driving back the forces of darkness. As his steps continue down a path he finds difficult to accept, he is faced with loss and mind numbing pain Losses he didnt personally know a human could experience. Can the man who has spent his life providing answers and giving guidance to others find answers for himself when everything is gone?
The lowest point comes at Christmas time, and new insight into the familiar Christmas story brings renewed hope and opportunity where he would have least expected it. He learns from Mary that God can birth something meaningful and important in a life even when no one else understands. In the midst of what appears to be utter chaos and pain, he gains a new life, greater insight and unparalleled personal growth. He finds that God reigns in dark unfamiliar places too.