How to Yodel Standing on Your Head in a Toilet
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How to Yodel Standing on Your Head in a Toilet

It's as Easy as - Living in a World Without Numbers
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Kathryn Hopson
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Owing up to and admitting to having a learning disability as an adult something I have tried to cover up for most of my 45 years is not an admission that I would have considered making until four years ago. It was then that I discovered there was a name for what I live with every day. I learned that it is a disability that affects between four to six percent of the worlds population. It has been recognized for decades by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), but very little is known about the disorder in Australia, the country of my birth.The title of my book, How to yodel standing on your head in a toilet It's as easy as living in a world without numbers, came to me very quickly once I actually began to write my story. But whats a toilet got to do with anything? I hear you ask. There is a very simple answer. In writing a book about a disability it is important to communicate to people how it makes you feel, and the emotions you experience. I could have simply called my book Two and two dont make four or Life simply doesnt add up, but would you really want to read something like that? Neither of these two or the many other alternatives really explains the endless frustrations of dealing with a learning disability or how to develop the strength to overcome it.