Frog Soup
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Frog Soup

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Linda Munroe
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A heartfelt story of growing up, friendship, love and revenge.
Clair tells her story, her way. She leaves no stone unturned. Clair reminisces about her life in a small, southern rural county. Looking back, she cant help but feel her life was a series of twists and turns and sweet revenge.

The traumatic loss of her father, when she a baby, left her mother to raise her alone. Clair grew up in a small house. Her mother worked hard, to earn enough money to bring Clair up and to save for her future. What Clair could not understand was why her mother tolerated her employee Lady Ronas, abusive ways. As Clair found out that old saying, things happen for a reason proved true.

Little Violet was Clairs closest friend. Their friendship lasted a lifetime. How could it not? Clair and Violet had so many secrets they shared.

The color difference between Clair and Violet was never an issue, but as Clair grew older she began to wonder. Leading her to ask her mother some life changing questions.