Jimmy Doss - Outlaw
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Jimmy Doss - Outlaw

Runaway Boy to Outlaw Legend
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Don Russell
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A murderous and muddled getaway from the Silver City bank robbery puts young Jimmy Doss and Slats McClary a few trail days ahead of ex-ranger, Hank Darcy. They escape through the rugged Gila Mountains of Arizona Territory, defile a bizarre family and bring more manly trouble than the Missouri run-away youngster can handle.
The raw-boned mining town of Globe deals them endless problems, including Jimmys fascination with a painted lady. And Slats, attempting the role of a gentleman gains a money-slick reputation with his cousin, Irish Pete, before they slip into a twisted sale of a mine to a rich, strong-armed buyer.

Can the ex-ranger eventually close in on the killer outlaw twosome with his plan for frontier justice behind the back of a corrupt local marshal? And another deadly bank robbery could thwart all plans for the lawmen and their prey.

Globes prominence, which exploded with the discovery of a uniquely shaped chunk of near-pure silver ore seems a proper place for a not-so-pure climax for many provocative lives.