The Natural World in Pictures and Poems
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The Natural World in Pictures and Poems

A Book of Poems and Photography
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Dane Ann
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The Natural World in Pictures and Poems is a collection of beautiful nature photographs, which have inspired many thought-provoking and entertaining poems. It will take your thoughts on a delightful journey to frozen waterfalls and show you a rainbow of flowers.
This colorful book is full of nature images from around the world that will educate and entertain.
Learn about the great hornbill and her young from the poem Monogamous, or ponder Gods relationship with nature as you read the poem A Groundhogs Prayer. Lakes, trees, mountains, butterflies, bees, and much more are here for your enjoyment and edification.

The Natural World in Pictures and Poems takes an educational and relaxing journey with Ingrid and Dane through the natural world to several of natures sometimes overlooked beauty and intrigue. It is sure to please nature lovers, children, teachers, and parents alike.