Every Woman’S Secret Fear
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Every Woman’S Secret Fear

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Sheena Mathew
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I have captured my own harrowing experience, which followed after I was positively diagnosed with multi-centric breast cancer. The contents of the book are based on my own version of the experience I had. This led me through many corridors I had to navigate myself through, to possibly save my life or maybe add a few more years to the only form of life I am familiar to. I did not understand what I had to deal with at the time and I desperately needed some kind of help at hand as I did not have any time to research the possibilities of my condition. I became aware that breast cancer was on the increase long before my own diagnosis. This drove me to recall many agonizing memories, which I would have preferred to erase from my mind entirely, but I chose to mentally relive my torment in order to be of some benefit to my reader.
Once I started with my chemotherapy sessions, I quickly realized why I heard and read of chemo patients who by their own choice gave up on chemotherapy, and lacked the endurance to complete the treatment. Who chose alternative treatment instead, until I was confronted to tolerate the shock of being treated for my condition.

I have included my own account of my experiences before and after having a mastectomy, thereafter chemotherapy, radio therapy and an attempt at having a breast reconstruction.