Kanji Handbook
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Kanji Handbook

(JLPT All Levels) This Japanese Character Dictionary and Kanji Textbook Uses an Innovative and Effective System
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This massive text is the ultimate authoritative book on learning Japanese Kanji.

The Kanji Handbook presents an ingenious and tested method to learn the 1,945 kanji characters taught in all Japanese language schools. Through the use of "KanjiHybrids"—a concept invented by the author—learners of Kanji and taught to link the characters mentally with English words to form one integral and indivisible unit. This innovative mnemonic device has been proven to train the learner to retain each kanji in the memory much better than simple repetition of the kanji alone—as well as enabling users to differentiate similar–looking kanji characters.

Specific learning strategies also enable users to progress quickly from the beginner to advanced level kanji, with stroke orders shown clearly for each kanji character. Eight different indexes-including the highly useful Flip–it Index—form the last part of this unique handbook.

  • Contains the complete list of all 1,945 kanji characters taught in Japanese schools.

  • Presents a new KanjiHybrids system linking kanji characters with English words to aid memorization.

  • Innovative learning strategies guide learners at all levels from beginner to advanced.