Sushi Secrets
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Sushi Secrets

Easy Recipes for the Home Cook
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Marisa Baggett
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Unlock all of the elusive secrets of sushi making with this astonishing sushi book!

Sushi Secrets, renowned sushi chef, Marisa Baggett shares with you both traditional and nontraditional sushi, all of them delicious and all of them very easy to make. This sushi cookbook teaches you everything you need to know to make delicious Japanese sushi for beginners. Marisa includes surefire recipes for making perfect sushi rice, tips on how to find and buy the freshest sushi fish and sustainability and how to achieve it at home. Plus, with her background as a pastry chef, Marisa has created a dessert chapter that will make your mouth water!

This sushi recipe book contains:

  • Scallop Carpaccio Sashimi

  • Avocado and Pomegranate Nigiri

  • Pork Thin Rolls with Gingered Cherries

  • Pickled Okra Thick Rolls

  • Short Ribs Sushi Bowl

  • "Cat"erpillar Sushi Rolls

  • Faux Eel Hand Rolls

  • Fudge Wontons with Peanut Dipping Sauce

  • Fried Cherry Hand Pies

With this cookbook you'll be ready to prepare a host of sushi and sashimi recipes and it gives loads of hints on how to slash otherwise lengthy prep times. From the traditional favorites to new and unique combinations,
Sushi Secrets will have you rolling delicious sushi like a pro in no time at all.