The First 100 Chinese Characters: Traditional Character Edition
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The First 100 Chinese Characters: Traditional Character Edition

The Quick and Easy Method to Learn the 100 Most Basic Chinese Characters
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Laurence Matthews
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This book is a quick and easy way to learn basic Chinese Characters.

All beginning Chinese language learners struggle to memorize and learn to write Chinese characters.
The First 100 Chinese Characters adopts a structural approach which helps students to quickly master the basic characters that are fundamental to this language. This character book is intended for beginning Chinese students and features characters that have been carefully selected for rapid and effective learning.

The English meanings, pronunciations in
hanyu pinyin and alternate forms (if any) for each Chinese character are presented along with a stroke order guide and spaces for writing practice. The stroke order guides are printed with gray guidelines, designed to be traced over to teach students the standard sequence of strokes used to write the character. Related compounds and phrases are given to assist in vocabulary building. Three indexes at the back allow the characters to be looked up by their English meanings,
hanyu pinyin pronunciations, or radicals. Extra practice sheets are also provided.

This Chinese character book contains:

  • Step-by-step stroke order diagrams show you how to write each character.

  • Special boxes with grid lines help you practice writing them correctly.

  • Compounds and sample sentences provide easy vocabulary building.

  • Hanyu pinyin romanizations identify and help you pronounce every word.